The Tiptoe project is an ongoing effort to develop a compositional real-time operating system. Tiptoe is meant to be a microkernel-based system that supports executing temporally isolated operating system processes as well as system and process VMs. Tiptoe processes are meant to be implemented in the workload-oriented programming model, which abstracts concurrency-dependent process execution times into concurrency-independent process response times, even on the level of individual process actions such as system and procedure calls. As foundation for workload-oriented programming, we have already developed an EDF-based scheduler along with a prototypical implementation that can effectively manage in constant time any number of processes up to available memory while maintaining throughput and latency of individual process actions within a bounded range. Another important part of Tiptoe is the real-time memory management system called Compact-fit, which will be used by user processes running on Tiptoe but also by the Tiptoe kernel itself. Prototypical standalone implementations of the EDF-based scheduler and the real-time memory management system are available in the download section.


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This project is funded by the Austrian Science Fund, project number P18913.